Reviewing Contracts to Recover Overpayments
Decrease Expenses
No Upfront Costs
Recover Overpayments
The complexity of government contracts produces a risk for billing errors and the potential for agencies to overpay for services.  By reviewing materials already held by an agency, Contract Confidential can identify and recover overpayments.  

Contract Confidential has the auditing, corporate finance, and government contracting experience to identify more issues and increase recovery rates.

It is also solely dedicated to assisting government agencies so it maintains independence and focus on ensuring contract terms are applied accurately.

Fees are based on the funds recouped and quantifiable future savings so agencies are guaranteed a significant positive return when cash is paid for services.

The Office of Management & Budget reports that federal agencies made $125 billion worth of improper payments in 2010.

Office Depot paid $4.5 million to the City of San Francisco to settle claims of overcharging.